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Night at the Brumder Mansion - Milwaukee, Wisconsin: June 25, 2011

Night at the Brumder Mansion - Milwaukee, Wisconsin: June 25, 2011
American Hauntings Ghost Hunt at this Legendary Milwaukee Spot!

Night at the Brumder Mansion
June 25, 2011 -- 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
3046 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Join American Hauntings and American Ghost Society Rep Kathy Richardson for a night of history and hauntings at the Brumder Mansion, a legendary bed and breakfast in America's most German city, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Built in 1910 by Milwaukee businessman George Brumder, for his eldest son, George, Jr., this unusual house combines Victorian architecture with the Arts & Crafts movement to create a visually -- and supernaturally -- appealing location! You'll spend the evening soaking up the rich history and spook ambience of the mansion and then search for the spirits that are rumored to be lingering with the mansion's brick walls. Is the Brumder Mansion as haunted as so many claim? You'll have the chance to find out on May 28 as American Hauntings takes you on a private excursion into the mansion's past in search of ghosts! $60 Per Person
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Night at the Brumder Mansion Includes:
* Private to the Mansion from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
* Historic and Haunting Presentation
* Historic Tour of the House
* Booklet on the Brumder Prepared by Kathy Richardson

Note: The event allows access to the house until 2:00 a.m. but does not including a sleepover. Private rooms for sleeping are available at a discount (contact the Brumder directly) until 11:00 a.m. Those rooms will be filled on a first come / first served basis. To book a room, call Monica at the Brumder at (414) 218-2202!

This will be one of our fastest-selling events -- don't procrastinate and miss out on your chance to experience the most haunted houses in Milwaukee with a private group from American Hauntings!
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History of the Mansion
The Brumder Mansion was built in 1910 by George Brumder, who made his fortune as a publisher of German language newspapers, books and music. The house was built for Brumder's son, George, Jr. and he and his wife, Henrietta, lived here, raising 11 children, 9 of which survived into adulthood.

The house was sold after Henrietta died in the early 1920s and was purchased by newly-arrived, Chicago gangsters Sam and Ed Pick, who used the place as part of their bootlegging operation. They started a small-scale, speakeasy, in the ballroom located in mansion's basement. Rumor has it that gambling and prostitution also took place in the house.

After a trial run in the Brumder Mansion ballroom, the Pick brothers expanded their illegal booze and gambling business, by starting a legitimate business to hide behind, The Club Madrid; a nightclub built conveniently across the county line. The Brumder Mansion ballroom became a high roller's gambling joint, complete with amenities. According to the current owners of the mansion, the Brumder house was sold when Sam Pick ran into money problems, following the repeal of Prohibition. After several attempts on his life by fellow gangsters, he eventually retired to Michigan. The house went through several owners in the years that followed and in the 1960s, was purchased by the neighboring Lutheran church, who used it as a church parsonage, offices and a youth chapel. The basement ballroom was later turned into a coffee house but by the 1990s, the upkeep of the aging building was more than the church could handle and the house was sold once more.

The new owner, Carol Hirschi, began renovating the house, replacing the central heating system, the leaking roof and installed new plumbing. Carol also restored all the woodwork, eventually renovated the 2nd and third floor, and bought many antiques, building on her vision for a restored Brumder Mansion. To raise money, she started a bead and breakfast, converted the ballroom into a small theater and started a community theater group, which lasted until the current owners, Tom and Julie Carr, took over the house in 2008 and turned it into a thriving bed and breakfast and event center. After further renovations, they have made the Brumder a welcoming place with great atmosphere and it now serves as an overnight retreat --- and a haven for resident spirits!

The first reports of ghosts in the house were publicly made by Carol Hirchsi and continue to this day. Overnight guests and visiting ghost hunters tell chilling stories of contact with the spirits in the house and a number of them are believed to manifest here. Face to face encounters, as well as startling photographs and eerie EVP's, have become commonplace, leading the Brumder Mansion to be called "the most haunted house in Milwaukee."

Join American Hauntings for a Private Ghost Hunt & Get a Chance to Meet the Ghosts of the Brumder Mansion for Yourself!

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