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Movie Reviews —

Movie Reviews —

Amityville Horror — Something evil is determined to make sure no-one lives in this house in Amityville New York, ever again. MORE

Beetlejuice — A deceased couple in limbo makes the mistake of calling on Beetlejuice, an enterprising but shady entity, to evict the annoyingly alive family that has taken over their beloved house after their passing. MORE

Boogeyman — After years of entertaining themselves with the mythical story of the infamous 'Boogeyman", young Tim and his father are about to discover that the Boogeyman is much more than a fable. MORE

Casper — In the small town of Friendship, Maine, there exists an abandoned old house rumored to be haunted. MORE

Cursed — Two girls having their palms read receive frightening prophesies of ill-fated futures they must strive to avoid. MORE

Darkness — Forty years ago something went terribly wrong in a secluded house on a Spanish estate. MORE

1408 — A skeptical debunker of paranormal tales encounters an evil haunted room at a hotel, where no guest lasts longer than an hour. MORE

The Frighteners — Part ghost story, part murder mystery/who-done-it. A quirky mix of ghosts, haunted houses, and wicked entities. MORE

Ghost — A sentimental love story, a supernatural tale and a murder mystery thriller, with a sprinkling of comedic moments, all uniquely blended to make a superbly entertaining movie. MORE

Ghostbusters — The iconic fantasy/comedy/adventure yarn directed by Ivan Reitman, featuring our favorite team of SNL grads (Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Harold Ramis) as fearless warriors slaying ghosts and saving Sigourney Weaver's soul — and the city of New York in the process. MORE

Ghost Watcher — A scam artist posing as a medium prepares to help Elizabeth banish a spirit from her apartment. MORE

The Grudge — Edge-of-your-seat, cover-your-eyes gotcha moments abound in this unrelenting thriller. You get your popcorn's worth of frights in this intense exploration of the link between haunted places and the violent emotions of those who died there. MORE

Harry Potter 2 — Fighting trees, talking spiders, and danger around every corner. Our intrepid students will need all their skills and wizardry to save their beloved Hogwarts from ruin. MORE

The Haunted Mansion — What do you get when you take a bit of the happiest place on earth and mix it with a dash of spooks and screams? Why, Disney's "The Haunted Mansion" of course. MORE

The Haunting (1963) — Psychic researchers investigate a supposedly haunted house, with spooky results. MORE

The Haunting (1999) — A remake of its 1963 predecessor, "The Haunting" is a scary, character-driven film that documents the experiences of three patients attempting to uncover the macabre secret of Hill House. MORE

The Haunting in Connecticut — Loosely based on a true story, The Haunting in Connecticut is about a boy, dying of cancer, who ends up living — or perhaps dying — in the confines of an innocuous-looking haunted house. MORE

The Others — A superb, spell-binding psychological roller coaster of a movie documenting the life of the isolated mother, Grace Stewart, and her two severely ill-children Anne and Nicholas. MORE

The Legend of Hell House — After being paid an enormous sum of money, a psychic research team foolishly enters a haunted mansion to study the evil presences lurking inside. MORE

House On Haunted Hill — A remake of the cult classic horror film about a group of guests mysteriously invited to a party thrown by a millionaire offering a most unusual and macabre prize. MORE

The Lovely Bones — The story of a life cut short by early death, and everything that comes after. A 14 year old girl is murdered by a serial killer and she can hang on to her ghostly existence, ever so sweetly. She can watch over her family and frolic in an afterlife wonderfully imagined by director Peter Jackson and his magicians at WETA. MORE

The Messengers — A family moves to a haunted farmhouse.

Paranormal Activity — A young couple, Katie and Micah, believe their trendy house is haunted and go about filming it with a video camera. MORE

Pirates of the Caribbean — In the 17th century, there once lived a nefarious pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, his swashbuckling sidekick Will Turner, and the lovely Elizabeth Swann. As they pursue the cursed ship, the Black Pearl, they risk life and limb at the hands of the villainous Captain Barbossa. MORE

Poltergeist — A storm erupts, a spooky looking tree menaces a young boy, and a young girl is sucked into a paranormal world. These are just some of the adventures Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg have in store for the Freeling family. MORE

The Ring — A one-of-a-kind psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat as the malignant mystery of a a deadly videotape claims one victim after another. MORE

The Ring 2 — A retread of "The Ring". MORE

Secret Window — Come along for the ride, for the many twists and turns through the warped life and mind of a tormented writer suffering from more than just writer's block. MORE

The Shunned House — When a reporter ventures into an old house in search of a story, he gets three of them. MORE

Stir of Echoes — The harrowing story of the Witzky family as they are drawn into a murder mystery that surfaces when father and son duo Tom and Jake Witzky begin to communicate with the dead. MORE

The Sixth Sense — A distinguished child psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, takes the case of Cole Sear, a sad, depressed, and frightened 8 year old boy, who Dr. Crowe at first thinks is suffering from his parents' divorce. MORE

Sleepy Hollow — Constable Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is an innovative scientist amidst the corrupt society of New York, circa 1799. As the dawn of the 19th century approaches, Crane is ordered to practice his forensic brand of sleuthing in the quaint town of Sleepy Hollow. MORE

Terror Toons — Porn icons Lizzie Borden and Beverly Lynne in a story with a bad porn feel to it, minus the titillating sex and nudity and any form of plot. MORE

Thir13en Ghosts — The story of one man's quest to construct a machine that will allow him to see into the eye of hell. The catch? The contraption requires the spirits of twelve specific ghosts to serve as power supplies for the machine. MORE

What Lies Beneath — As her university-professor husband leaves for a weekend conference, strange things begin to happen in Claire's new house. Is she losing her mind? Or are more sinister forces at work. MORE

White Noise — Can the dead continue to communicate with the living once they've passed into another realm? Are you sure you want to know? MORE

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